Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Traditions... ornament syle

I am continuing a tradition my mom did with my brother and I when we were growing up.  Each year we got to pick out a Christmas ornament.  My mom would write our name and year on each ornament.  It is a neat reminder of what we were "into" that year.  I've since started with my boys - well Owen so far. 

Here's Owen's first Christmas ornament - he was born 2 months premature and I thought a Superman onesie was appropriate since by Christmas you couldn't even tell he had been a preemie!

  His second ornament - he was fascinated with Elmo and Sesame Street at the time (he only watches about 20 minutes of TV before bed).

And today we found the perfect ornament for this year.  At the local Hallmark store we were looking around and came across this:

  I also found a John Deere tractor ornament but when given the choice he chose the truck.  He is REALLY into trucks right now.

Now we need to find one for Max...

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